Fiat Gateway Integration Scheme

Here is the integration scheme for Fiat Payments by E-Gates on your website:

  1. Your website: This is your online store or web platform where customers will make purchases and choose a payment method.

  2. E-Gates API: This is the API is provided by E-Gates that facilitates interaction between your website and the Crypto Payments platform. Using the API, you will send requests to initiate and process cryptocurrency payments.

  3. Your Website: After processing the request, the E-Gates API will return a response containing payment status, successful transactions, and other details. Your website can appropriately handle these responses and update information for the user.

This scheme illustrates how your website interacts with the E-Gates API to process cryptocurrency payments. This allows your customers to choose the option of cryptocurrency payment, and your site will be connected to the Fiat Gateway platform for payment processing and transaction information exchange.

For more detailed integration, you will need to study the E-Gates API documentation and implement the corresponding code on your website to handle requests and responses.

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