Get Info


  • Method: GET

  • URL: {{base_url}}/api/external/v1/fiat-gateway/mercuryo/get-info

This GET request retrieves information from the Mercuryo fiat gateway.


    "success": true,
    "status": null,
    "response": {
        "gatewayId": 6,
        "name": "Mercuryo - Mercurio Prod",
        "description": "Mercuryo desc",
        "system_key": "MERCURYO",
        "image": null,
        "icon": null,
        "is_active": true,
        "currency": "EUR",
        "last_purchase_date": "2023-10-05 09:40:00",
        "total_income": "0.8",
        "total_outcome": "0",
        "balance": "5.000000000000000000",
        "limits": {
            "max_deposit_amount": "20",
            "min_deposit_amount": "1",
            "max_withdrawal_amount": "0",
            "min_withdrawal_amount": "0"
        "fees": {
            "deposit_fixed_fee": "3",
            "deposit_flex_max_fee": "5",
            "deposit_flex_min_fee": "4",
            "deposit_flex_percent": "6",
            "withdrawal_fixed_fee": "33",
            "withdrawal_flex_max_fee": "55",
            "withdrawal_flex_min_fee": "44",
            "withdrawal_flex_percent": "66"
        "additional_info": [
                "title": "paraveter1",
                "value": "1"

         "payment_methods": {
            "DEPOSIT": {
                "CARD_PAYMENT": "payment_method.deposit_card"
            "WITHDRAWAL": {
                "CARD_PAYMENT": "payment_method.withdraw_card"
    "errors": null
  • gatewayId: The unique identifier of the gateway (e.g., 6).

  • name: The name of the gateway (e.g., "Mercuryo - Mercurio Prod").

  • description: A brief description of the gateway (e.g., "Mercuryo desc").

  • system_key: The system key associated with the gateway (e.g., "MERCURYO").

  • image: An image associated with the gateway, if available (may be null).

  • icon: An icon representing the gateway, if available (may be null).

  • is_active: A boolean value indicating if the gateway is active (true means it's active).

  • currency: The currency used by the gateway (e.g., "EUR").

  • last_purchase_date: The date and time of the last purchase (e.g., "2023-10-05 09:40:00").

  • total_income: The total income received by the gateway (e.g., "0.8").

  • total_outcome: The total outcome or withdrawals from the gateway (e.g., "0").

  • balance: The current balance in the gateway (e.g., "5.000000000000000000").

  • limits: An object containing deposit and withdrawal limits:

    • max_deposit_amount: The maximum deposit amount allowed (e.g., "20").

    • min_deposit_amount: The minimum deposit amount allowed (e.g., "1").

    • max_withdrawal_amount: The maximum withdrawal amount allowed (e.g., "0").

    • min_withdrawal_amount: The minimum withdrawal amount allowed (e.g., "0").

  • fees: An object containing deposit and withdrawal fees:

    • deposit_fixed_fee: The fixed fee for deposits (e.g., "3").

    • deposit_flex_max_fee: The maximum flexible fee for deposits (e.g., "5").

    • deposit_flex_min_fee: The minimum flexible fee for deposits (e.g., "4").

    • deposit_flex_percent: The percentage-based fee for deposits (e.g., "6").

    • withdrawal_fixed_fee: The fixed fee for withdrawals (e.g., "33").

    • withdrawal_flex_max_fee: The maximum flexible fee for withdrawals (e.g., "55").

    • withdrawal_flex_min_fee: The minimum flexible fee for withdrawals (e.g., "44").

    • withdrawal_flex_percent: The percentage-based fee for withdrawals (e.g., "66").

  • additional_info: An array of additional information with titles and values. This can vary based on available data.

  • Payment Method: The selected payment method, in this case, a card payment

This request fetches details about the Mercuryo fiat gateway, including its name, description, currency, balances, limits, fees, and additional information. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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