Structure of the .env File

The .env.example file provides a sample of environment variables that can be configured for your project. These environment variables allow you to customize various aspects of your application, such as the base URL, image URLs, and other settings.


  • Description: Base URL for your Invoice.

  • Example Value:


  • Description: URL for the logo used in the Invoice.

  • Example Value:

  • Note: Logo size should be between 60px and 150px in any format.


  • Description: URL for the image shown on the 404 page (page not found).

  • Example Value:


  • Description: URL for your application's main page.

  • Example Value:

These environment variables allow you to customize your Invoice's appearance and behavior, offering flexibility and simple configuration.


  • The logo size should be a minimum of 50px and a maximum of 60px in height, with a width not exceeding 200px.

  • Supported image formats: GIF, PNG, JPEG, SVG.

These environment variables enable you to customize the appearance and behavior of your Invoice, providing flexibility and ease of configuration.

Example file:

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