API Documentation for Retrieving Invoice Data via API

This section of the documentation outlines how to retrieve information about a specific invoice using Crypto Payments from E-Gates.

Retrieving an Invoice

This method allows you to retrieve detailed information about a specific invoice using its unique identifier.


URL: /api/external/v1/gateway/payment-invoice/{invoiceId} Method: GET


  • invoiceId (string, required) - Unique identifier of the invoice.

Example Request:

GET /api/external/v1/gateway/payment-invoice/2794c4d4-6feb-4b46-9334-1849af7b1a0f


Successful response:

  • success (boolean) - Indicates whether the request was successful.

  • status (null) - Response status (may be null).

  • response (object) - Object containing detailed information about the requested invoice.

    • id (string) - Invoice identifier.

    • invoice (string) - Unique identifier of the invoice.

    • ticker (string) - Cryptocurrency ticker of the invoice.

    • currencyName (string) - Name of the invoice currency.

    • networkName (string) - Network name (e.g., "ERC-20").

    • payment_method (string) - Payment method used for the invoice.

    • actualAmount (string) - Actual payment amount received.

    • invoiceAmount (string) - Original invoice amount.

    • amountTransaction (string) - Amount of the transaction.

    • feeTransaction (string) - Transaction fee.

    • address (string) - Cryptocurrency address for receiving payment.

    • sysAddress (null or string) - System address.

    • hash (string) - Transaction hash.

    • type (string) - Invoice type (e.g., "CRYPTO").

    • status (string) - Invoice status (e.g., "SUCCESS").

    • sender_name (string) - Sender's name.

    • purpose_of_payment (string) - Purpose of the payment.

    • order_number (string) - Order number associated with the invoice.

    • createdAt (string) - Date and time when the invoice was created.

    • updatedAt (string) - Date and time of the last invoice update.

    • expireAt (string) - Date and time when the invoice expires.

    • redirectContinue (string) - URL to continue to after a successful payment.

Example Successful Response:

    "success": true,
    "status": null,
    "response": {
        "id": "1-13",
        "invoice": "2794c4d4-6feb-4b46-9334-1849af7b1a0f",
        "ticker": "USDT",
        "currencyName": "Tether USD",
        "networkName": "ERC-20",
        "payment_method": "ETHER",
        "actualAmount": "100001.000000000000000000",
        "invoiceAmount": "100",
        "amountTransaction": "99000.99000000",
        "feeTransaction": "1000.010000000000000000",
        "address": "0xC1Dc25f17d2d767A103F881dC5c363E9Df3e01D8",
        "sysAddress": null,
        "hash": "test_hash1",
        "type": "CRYPTO",
        "status": "SUCCESS",
        "sender_name": "user name",
        "purpose_of_payment": "payment for items",
        "order_number": "14556-HF1000-KL5",
        "createdAt": "2023-08-11 21:12:00",
        "updatedAt": "2023-08-11 16:11:29",
        "expireAt": "2023-08-12 00:12:00",
        "redirectContinue": "http://test.com/success"
    "errors": null

Note: In case of errors, the errors field will contain relevant information.

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