Creating an Invoice Using the API

API documentation for the method of creating an invoice using Crypto Payments from E-Gates:

Creating an Invoice

This method allows you to create an invoice for payment using Crypto Payments from E-Gates.


URL: /api/external/v1/gateway/create-payment-invoice Method: POST

Required Parameters:

  • timestamp (integer, required) - Current time in Unix timestamp format.

  • ticker (string, required) - Cryptocurrency ticker for payment.

  • payment_method (string, required) - Payment method, e.g., "ETHER".

  • amount (string, required) - Payment amount.

  • order_number (string, required) - Order number.

Additional Parameters:

  • success_url (string, optional) - URL to redirect to after successful payment.

  • error_url (string, optional) - URL to redirect to in case of payment error.

  • callback_url (string, optional) - Callback URL.

  • sender_name (string, optional) - Sender's name.

  • purpose_of_payment (string, optional) - Purpose of the payment.

  • meta_data (json, optional) - Additional metadata in JSON format.

Example Request:

  "timestamp": 1691590025,
  "ticker": "USDT",
  "payment_method": "ETHER",
  "amount": 100,
  "order_number": "14556-HF1000-KL58",
  "meta_data": {"item1": "5", "item2": "12"},
  "success_url": "",
  "error_url": "",
  "callback_url": "",
  "sender_name": "user name",
  "purpose_of_payment": "payment for items",
  "signature": "generated_signature"


Successful response:

  • success (boolean) - Indicates if the request was successful.

  • status (null) - Response status (may be null).

  • response (object) - Object containing data about the created invoice.

    • invoice_id (string) - Unique identifier of the invoice.

    • redirect_link (string) - Link to proceed with the invoice payment.

    • currency (string) - Invoice currency.

    • payment_method (string) - Payment method.

    • amount (string) - Invoice amount.

    • address (string) - Cryptocurrency send address.

    • status (string) - Invoice status (e.g., "PENDING").

    • type (string) - Invoice type (e.g., "CRYPTO").

    • order_number (string) - Order number.

    • created_at (integer) - Invoice creation time in Unix timestamp format.

    • success_url, error_url, callback_url (null or string) - URLs for redirecting after successful payment, error, or callback.

Example Successful Response:

  "success": true,
  "status": null,
  "response": {
    "invoice_id": "1f264b83-90fc-4c3c-ad80-9d8f37e9083c",
    "redirect_link": "",
    "currency": "USDT",
    "payment_method": "ETHER",
    "amount": "100",
    "address": "0x9B3f260e560A7022152632E7e91A6d7caFcb6497",
    "status": "PENDING",
    "type": "CRYPTO",
    "order_number": "1aaa11",
    "created_at": 1691593020,
    "success_url": null,
    "error_url": null,
    "callback_url": null
  "errors": null

Possible Invoice Statuses:

  • PENDING - Invoice is awaiting payment.

  • SUCCESS - Invoice payment was successfully completed.

  • SUCCESS_SMALL_AMOUNT - Payment successfully completed, but the amount is less than expected.

  • CANCEL - Invoice was canceled.

Note: To create a correct request signature, use the signature generation methods mentioned in the previous description (e.g., for PHP or JS).

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