Integrating PassMe into the Web Version

Interaction Steps

  1. KYC Initiation When a customer on your website decides to undergo KYC verification, your website sends a request to the E-Gates API to initiate the KYC procedure.


    This request contains the necessary information to start the verification.

  2. Token Retrieval The E-Gates API processes the request and generates a unique KYC token, which is sent back to your website in the response.

      "token": "unique-kyc-token"
  3. KYC Completion On the KYC page, the user provides the necessary information and completes the KYC procedure.

  4. Return to Your Website After completing KYC, the user will be automatically redirected back to your website, and information about the KYC status will be available to your website through the E-Gates API.

  • Redirect to KYC Page After receiving the token, your website automatically redirects the user to the KYC verification page on E-Gates.


Conclusion of Interaction With these interaction steps, your website can easily integrate with PassMe to conduct KYC verification for your customers. Please make sure to follow the E-Gates API documentation for the correct setup of the integration and handling of KYC status responses.

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