Welcome to PassMe - Your KYC Technology

The process of KYC verification for individuals may seem relatively straightforward, but dealing with scale adds complexity. PassMe is designed to deliver the utmost convenience, precision, and accessibility in verification, ensuring a maximum number of successful registrations.

Our features include:

Cost-Efficiency: Verification starts at just 0.20 cents per check, making PassMe one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

High Accuracy: We ensure high verification accuracy through advanced technology and machine learning, guaranteeing data authenticity.

Modern and Reliable Architecture: Built on cutting-edge processes from Google and Amazon, PassMe provides reliability and stability.

Automation of Core Customer Needs: We automate the customer verification process, preventing the submission of fake data, including documents from third parties and invalid documents.

Database Integration: PassMe integrates with databases to conduct fraud and fake document checks using machine learning.

Security: We offer robust data security for your and your customers' data, safeguarding against fraud.

Verification Speed: Our system operates swiftly and efficiently, ensuring the expedited completion of the KYC process.

Additional capabilities comprise:

Database Connectivity: We integrate with databases to perform checks for terrorist lists, sanction lists, and other adverse data.

Technological Infrastructure: Our technologies are based on Amazon systems such as Rekognition and TextRact, providing reliability and efficiency in user and document verification.

PassMe is your trusted partner in the KYC procedure, offering all the necessary tools for successful customer verification and data security. Begin using PassMe today and experience the quality of our services firsthand.

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