PassMe Integration Scheme

Integration scheme of PassMe on your Website:

  1. Your Website: This is your online store or web platform where customers will undergo the KYC procedure.

  2. E-Gates API: This is the API provided by E-Gates that facilitates interaction between your website and PassMe platform. Through the API, you will send requests to generate a token, which, upon tokenization, redirects the user to E-Gates' KYC verification page.

  3. Your Website: After processing the request, the E-Gates API will return responses containing information about the KYC verification status. Your website can appropriately process these responses and update user information.

  4. E-Gates KYC Verification Page: Upon receiving the token from the E-Gates API, the user is redirected to the E-Gates KYC verification page. Here, the user provides all necessary information to complete the KYC procedure. After completing all required information, the user is redirected back to your website.

This scheme illustrates how your website interacts with the E-Gates API to process KYC verification. This enables your customers to undergo KYC verification quickly and securely, while your website is connected to the PassMe platform to handle KYC and status information.

Of course, for more detailed integration, you will need to review the E-Gates API documentation and implement the corresponding code on your website to handle requests and responses effectively.

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